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Push Back Rack utilizes nesting carriages to maximize storage density while maintaining high selectivity for different SKUs. Pallets are loaded onto free rolling carriages in each pallet position – each new pallet “pushes back” the previously loaded pallet. 

Gravity, along with the free rolling carriages, keeps the pallet ready to pick in the picking lane. Since the next pallet is always at the front of the system operators never have to drive into the racking system or use specialized reach trucks. 

The benefits of using push back rack are obvious:

  • High selectivity with increased storage density
  • Operator doesn’t need to drive into the rack to pick
  • Next pallet is always “at the ready”

Our push back racking systems are always designed to be maintenance and debris free. This makes them cheap to maintain and perfect for contamination sensitive industries such as food/beverage or pharmaceuticals.

Mid Florida Material Handling has 40+ years of experience in the racking industry and has designed and installed numerous push back racking systems. We offer complete design, sales and installation services. Contact us so we can find the right storage solution for your needs!

Animated Example of How Pushback Rack Can Store at High Density
Pushback Racking Used to Store Large Bags Four Deep

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